I help small and medium-sized companies find the financing they need to continue or to expand their operations depending on the company's specific goals. Raco Investments offers top-tier placements (PYMES, Mortgage and Personal Loans) when the pre-analysis and business strategies dictate the risk-benefit ratio is beneficial for both parties.

I also have an extensive knowledge in customs procedures and legislation, as well as in all the logistics involved in the import and export of goods and their implications in foreign markets. Furthermore, my extensive background gives me vast experience in commercial management and decision making, as well as extensive experience in security environments in the areas of care and protection of people, analysis of risk situations and people management.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with emphasis in International Business,
  • Castro Carazo University (2013-2017).
  • Degree in Customs Administration,
  • Castro Carazo University (2017-2018).
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Castro Carazo University (2019-2023)
  • Degree in International Trade
  • Castro Carazo University (2019)
  • SME Market Specialist (Small and medium-sized enterprises).
  • Self-protection and Executive Protection Program
  • WAM Academy Argentina (2019)



1. Courses Completed: In addition to the Higher Education mentioned above, he has also completed a series of courses that complement his professional development. Among these are:

  • Basic Police Course Ministry of Public Security
  • PMI course, custody and protection of people
  • Sales and customer service
  • Advanced English Certificate, NLC (2013)
  • Advanced Shooting Techniques (Academia WAM Argentina, 2019)
  • Scrum Agile


2. Professional Strengths:

  • Constant search for personal and professional growth
  • He enjoys expanding his knowledge and learning new skills that help him keep up with technological advances.
  • Drive to achieve high levels of quality and development of administrative functions
  • Ability to manage operations in several organizations simultaneously without interruptions.


3. Extensive experience in:

  • Business Administration
  • Strategic sales and marketing
  • Computing
  • Personal Security Environments
  • In the areas of care and protection of people,
  • Analysis of risky situations
  • Communications
  • Accounting and Corporate Finance
  • Personnel management
  • Investments
  • Import/Export Operations
  • Negotiations
  • CMS
  • Extensive work experience in Free Zones as a project developer.

4. Extensive knowledge in:

  • Customs procedures and legislation
  • Logistics in the imports and exports of goods and its implications in foreign markets
  • Commercial management and decision making


Founder and General Manager of RACO Investments, from 2017 to present.

  • Manages a workforce of 30 employees
  • Coordinates the day-to-day activities of the SME-focused investment firm.
  • Manages PMI accounts and cash flows
  • Establishes new financial providers
  • Oversees SWOT applications.
  • Decision making, situation analysis (customers),
  • Approval of credits, terms, interest,
  • Management of contracts, granting of loans, lines of credit,
  • Property management and consulting.
  • Be up to date and in good standing with the country's governmental institutions.
  • Provides advisory services in the financial, customs and international trade areas.
  • Financing of import and export projects to different international markets.


General Manager of Import and Export at RACO GUARDNET LLC Miami, US 2020-2021


  • Product financing area.
  • Imports for the American market.
  • Decision making.
  • Opening of new markets (Mexico).
  • Budget control.
  • Risk analysis and financial reporting.
  • Analysis of inventories and future orders.


General Manager of RACO CASTLE Panama from 2019 to present.


  • Oversee the creation of new investment opportunities and strategies
  • Development of financing solutions for planning/projection
  • Establish positive banking relationships
  • Decision-making, investment analysis, project financing, logistics consulting, imports and exports
  • Create new investment opportunities
  • Promote strategic alliances



General Manager of RACO1980 IMPORT AND EXPORT from 2020 to the present.


  • High profile meetings with suppliers and customers,
  • Risk analysis,
  • Decision making,
  • Development of new import and export ventures in the region,
  • Opening of new markets,
  • Search for strategic alliances for the development of new projects.

General Manager of Color Centro R y M, Pinturas Automotriz, from 2016 to present.


  • Management of international commercial and financial projects
  • Finding new supply lines and sales channels
  • Financing negotiations
  • Management of regulatory strategies to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Providing advice on customs and international trade, import and export matters
  • Advising on the import of goods from China and Brazil.
  • Meetings with representatives of the Brazilian transnational.
  • Visits to customers throughout the country
  • Finding new market niches and/or business partners.
  • Project financing for imports from China and Brazil.
  • Presentation of sales and brand consolidation strategies in the country.
  • Business partner.

General Manager of Color Centro Panama from 2019 to present.


  • Policy and guideline creation for the company's import operations
  • New market and sale channels creation
  • Supervision of the Central American import and export activities
  • Process creation and international transfers to suppliers
  • Import of automotive paint from China.
  • Distribution Center creation for Central America.
  • Increasing of client portfolio

RACO Trading Brazil.